Tipperary TD Alan Kelly says answers are needed and NPHET minutes have to be released

Photo © Tipp FM

The Labour Party leader says he expects a response from Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil by the end of the week.

Alan Kelly’s party has asked for more detail on the plans for the coming budgets before they could even consider playing a part in the formation of the next government.

As it stands, they’re still not planning on entering government.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier, the Tipperary TD said he doesn’t expect definitive answers from the two main parties, but just a clearer indication:

“We have to get a flavour for what they’re thinking. That’s why the questions are posed – we have to see where they’re thinking because ideologically they would be a considerable distance from where the Labour Party stands on many of these things.

“I have to admit that in fairness to the document that they put forward, it did advocate a lot of social democratic principles that the Labour Party have been talking about for years.

“We need to see where their vision is in relation to that before we go back to them again.”

Deputy Kelly is also calling for a clear plan to be put in place around the lifting of restrictions.

He says that NPHET should continue to offer advice to the government, but theirs shouldn’t be the only advice taken into consideration.

He says he is still calling for the minutes of NPHET meetings to be released in the interests of full transparency.