Tipperary saw an increase in land for sale last year

Photo © Tipp FM

The average price of farmland in Tipp is now over €13,126 per acre, which is twice what it was in 2012.

Of the 83 farms for sale in Tipp over that period, 56 have sold, according to news reporter, Pat O’Toole, from the Irish Farmers Journal – and dairy farmers were found to be the most dominant buyers of land in the Premier.

He outlined another worrying trend that has been found in their latest research.

“The price is actually up €550 on last year, and that’s typical of the pattern across the country; prices are up in general. Land availability is up as well, and more farms are being sold. We all know that the farming population has aged, and one of the notable trends this year is that dairy farmers are dominant land purchasers in Tipperary; nationally, 43% of land purchases have been by non-farmers. Business interests where the money is coming from outside of farming. That’s quite a worrying trend.”