Tipperary publican calls for parity on Covid certs across hospitality sector

Stock photo. Photo: Pixabay.

A Tipperary publican has criticised the discrepancy between how hotels and restaurants and pubs have to deal with Covid certs.

This comes as the Government will be meeting with restaurant and pub representatives this afternoon to stress the importance of complying with the Covid cert rules.

John Harney, a publican in Clerihan, was a in Kerry hotel at the weekend and he said it’s not fair that Covid certs don’t have to be presented when staying at a hotel.

“You probably have 300 people who can go in and out of the bar, in and out of the restaurant, now everybody was masked, hand sanitisers everywhere, it was really well run, but the point I’m making is that there was no requirement for your vaccine cert.

“I think if they have a rule, they should have a rule across the board, we all try to keep it, but if you have it that there’s a rule for you on this street in your pub and the hotel next door, there’s a different rule for you and they don’t apply.

“I think that creates muddy water and it creates a little bit of resentment.”