Tipperary Priest says Christmas spirit is alive and well

A scene from a Christmas crib. Photo by bernsmann via canva.com

A Tipperary priest says that even though Christmas is become more materialistic, the spirit of it will always be there.

Augustinian Priest at the Abbey in Fethard, Fr Iggy O’Donovan said that no matter how many presents people get, the heart of Christmas is still there.

Speaking on Tipp Today, he said that A Christmas Carol by Dickens painted a lovely scene where Bob Cratchit played on a swing with children on his way home from work on Christmas Eve.

“It’s hugely commercialised, nevertheless, it’s about joy, it’s about children and so forth.

“And I suppose the most famous and most beautiful story of all, since the scripture was written, about Christmas, must be Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.

“Cratchit hasn’t a penny in his pocket and says ‘look, it’s good to be children sometimes and never better to be childlike at Christmas, when the Founder was a child himself’ – there’s how Dickens summed it up so beautifully, so that’s whether it’s Santa, or whether it’s reindeers or whether it’s whatever it is.”