Tipperary police officer in USA describes violent scenes in wake of George Floyd’s death

An Irish born police officer in Washington’s described the scenes of violence of recent days as horrific.

There has been a wave of protests across the US in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

Mark Kirwan is originally from Tipperary but is now policing the streets of the US Capital.

He describes what he has encountered on the frontline:

“We’ve really been tried and tested. Last night I came off a 20-hour shift.

“I’ve been punched, I’ve been spat at. Someone tried to steal my police cruiser. But that doesn’t make up for the fact that an innocent man was killed at the hands of police officers.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump says he went into the White House bunker over the weekend to “inspect it” – not due to protests.

The US President was taken to the underground facility on Friday as demonstrators gathered outside in Washington DC in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Donald Trump has told Fox News Radio he was there for a “tiny period of time”.