Tipperary nursing home embracing technology to help residents stay in touch with families

A stock of electronic tablets has been delivered to healthcare facilities in south Tipperary after a successful fundraiser.

Over €3,000 was raised on GoFundMe to help buy 11 tablets to allow for video calls at nursing homes and hospitals, while additional funds also went towards gift packs for residents.

Greenhill Nursing Home in Carrick-on-Suir was one of the facilities to benefit.

Director of Nursing, Shauna O’Brien, says the tablets have allowed residents to interact with family and friends more regularly:

“It was unusual at the start but people adapt very well and our residents have adapted really, really well to the technology.

“Initially, they were looking at us thinking we were the ones speaking but then they looked at the screen and saw the person moving and talking to them and realised it’s their family. And it’s lovely – the moment is lovely. It’s really, really special to see for us as well.”

Shauna also says they have also developed ‘window visits’ to allow face-to-face communication with residents:

“I have a room set up, with garden furniture set up outside the window for families to come and we have a mobile phone that people can use to basically speak to each other through the window.

“They can see each other through the window. You know, so much of communication is non-verbal so at least they get to see each other as well and it’s one step closer to actually having a full-on visit.”