Tipperary IFA president dismisses Environment Minister’s remarks on climate change and potatoes

The Irish Farmers Association is dismissing concerns that climate change will prevent some people from growing potatoes.

It’s after the Environment Minister said growing them in some areas would become more difficult due to climate change.

Eamon Ryan says the south and east of the country is experiencing dryer summers, which is going to complicate matters:

“Similarly, in the North and West, which are already harsher or more difficult environments because of the levels of rainfall. Those increased rainfall events in the winter, and particularly the intense rainfall events, that’s very real.”

But IFA president and Tipperary farmer, Tim Cullinan rejects the Minister’s remarks:

“20 years ago, in the year 2000, at that time we were told that it would become very difficult to grow potatoes – particularly in the South and the East of the country.

“And you know, our farmers and growers have continued to grow potatoes ever since and there hasn’t been an issue there to date.”