Tipperary homeowners on the increase

People in the Premier County are more likely to own their own house than in other parts of the country.

The home ownership figure from the 2016 Census is 71.2% in the Premier County – two points higher than the rest of Munster and considerably better than the national average which is 67.6%.

The age that people manage to own their own home is also getting higher – home ownership overtakes renting in Tipperary at the age of 34 – up from 32 five years before but under the National age of 35.

The total number of houses in the county has grown by 800to 59,071- but that’s only a 1.4% increase compared to 2.9 nationally.

Only 26% of Tipp households are renting compared with 28 in Munster and 29 for the whole country.

But the total numbers renting are up 1,100 to 15,612.

The average rent has gone down marginally over the past five-or-six years with the weekly cost in Tipperary down as €123.93 – that’s down 30 cent on 2011.

The national figure is now just under €200 a week.