Tipperary GRA member says enforcement of Level 3 restrictions will be difficult

Photo © Pat Flynn

A local member of the Garda Representative Authority says he believes there are enough Gardaí to conduct necessary checkpoints.

As part of the Level 3 restrictions, checkpoints will be set up in locations all around the country for the next few weeks to try and curb unnecessary travel.

Speaking on Tipp Today, Garda Tom Finnan says he thinks there are adequate resources at the moment:

“Well the new shift structure is working very well. [We work] 12 hour shifts. There is enough there.

“I haven’t been around the division this morning yet, but I take it there have been colleagues of mine out on the roads stopping people, checking where they’re travelling to and advising them that if they don’t have to go there, then don’t go there.

“There’s the world of people working from home now. All I can say is that we’re there to advise and explain and encourage the people that we meet on the roads to think about where they’re going, and if it’s not advisable, then we ask them to turn back.

“And if they don’t turn back, we still have our job done.”

Garda Finnan says there is still confusion among members when it comes to enforcing the new restrictions.

€200 fines for people leaving their county are being considered by Government, according to the Irish Daily Mail, while there are also proposals for €50 penalties for not wearing masks.

Tom told Fran Curry that he thinks enforcement will be difficult:

“How do you enforce Fran not going from Annacarty to Clonmel if you’re stopped by someone who doesn’t know you and doesn’t believe you on the outskirts of Cahir or the outskirts of Cashel?

“They could bring you into a Garda station to verify what you’re at… I don’t know is the answer to that.

“We were happy with what we had in March. If we had enforcement, where would we put people?”