Tipperary Gardaí issue warning as number of people making unnecessary journeys is on the rise

Photo: © Pat Flynn

The number of people making unnecessary journeys in Tipperary during the Covid-19 pandemic is on the rise.

Tipperary Gardaí say they have encountered far more people out and about in recent days despite the fact the 2km rule is still in place.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier Superintendent Will Leahy of the Clonmel Garda District said in particular there’s a marked difference when it comes to the shopping run:

“In the last number of days we’ve seen it both from a checkpoint point of view and when we’re out on patrols in the car, on the beat or whatever, that there is a significant increase in vehicular traffic, pedestrians, and indeed cyclists.

“What we’ve seen – probably earlier on – is when we were engaging with motorists and stopping cars at checkpoints, there may have been one person in the car going shopping for the whole family. But in the last number of days, that seems to have increased to two, three, four people in cars.”

A warning is also going out to people across the Premier County not to hold parties or barbeques this coming Bank Holiday weekend.