Tipperary Gardaí advise people to be vigilant against burglaries

Burglary. Photo RainerFuhrmann via canva.com.

This time of year often comes with a rise in the number of burglaries and break-ins and Tipperary Gardaí are urging people to be vigilant.

As well as securing valuable items and keeping homes, well lit, Gardaí advise people to lock up outhouses and sheds and to ensure that windows and doors are secure.

Sergeant Margaret Kelly of Clonmel Garda Station had this advice.

“We’d ask people to go around their houses at this point and to become Winter ready.

“Detective Inspector James Tierney has asked us to remind listeners throughout the whole of Tipperary, that as the evenings close in, we would see a rise in burglaries.

“We’d ask that people light up their homes with the evenings closing in and report any suspicious activity that they see happening in the locality to the Gardaí and as always, we rely on the public to be our eyes and ears out there for anything suspicious.”