Tipperary funeral director says restrictions need to be eased for families around funerals

Stock image. Photo: Pixabay

A local funeral director says the current restrictions around funerals should be eased.

James Devitt of Devitt’s Funeral Directors in Cashel says it’s heartbreaking for families at the moment with no wakes allowed and only 10 permitted at the funeral itself.

James says at the very least all family members should be permitted to pay their respects to the deceased.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier, he admitted that in some instances the rules have been broken:

“To be fair, we’ve had more than 10 at funerals, and there’s no point in saying we haven’t. The clergy have been very understanding. I mean, the churches are big buildings.

“Within reason, the family should be let in. You know, the sons, the daughters, the daughters-in-law, the sons-in-law, the grandchildren.

“It’s very hard if you have a funeral where, let’s say, there’s 12 children in the family and you’re allowing 10 in and you’re telling two of the children to go home. Sure you can’t do that.”

James also thinks the 2 metre distancing should be looked at:

“It would allow maybe a few more family members in [to the funeral parlours]. It would make a big difference.

“In Tipperary, thankfully, the news I’ve heard in the last few days is that we have no new cases, which is brilliant. People are really, really playing their part.

“But, I think common sense needs to prevail here and I think they need to let families grieve. Even if it’s just the family. I mean, obviously the friends and the colleagues and the neighbours and all that can’t attend the funerals.”