Tipperary Fire and Rescue urge people to keep Eircode to hand

Photo © Tipp FM

Householders are being urged to know their Eircode and to keep it prominent in the house in case of emergency.

Tipperary Fire and Rescue has issued a range of advice for the Christmas break, including keeping real Christmas trees in standing water, not to leave candles unattended, and to avoid overcrowding of sockets.

Chief Fire Officer, Dave Carroll, also says that knowing your Eircode will make it much easier for emergency services to respond, if necessary:


“If you do have to ring 999 or 112 looking for the Gardaí, ambulance or ourselves in the fire service, if you have your Eircode to hand it makes it a lot easier.

“If you have that in a few prominent places in the house, maybe on the fridge or beside the front door. So that anybody, including visitors, can find your Eircode quickly.”