Tipperary drivers urged not to drive under the influence this Christmas

Photo - Tipp FM

Tipperary road users are being urged not to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs this festive period.

There will be increased check points across the Premier county.

Superintendent in Cahir, Eddie Golden told Tipp Today that they are taking all precautions in relation to Covid when road side testing.

“We’ve mitigated all the risks associated with the virus, both to our own members and obviously members of the public.

“The mouth pieces are changed, they’re wiped down correctly, so we’ve gone through a lot to make sure that first of all, we’re maintaining that detection rate because we have to.

“People will be caught unfortunately, if people are stepping outside it.

“I want to make that clear as well this morning that we’re out there in force, we’re still doing the necessary to make sure everybody is safe.

“If people are going to drink and drive or take drugs, over the Christmas period, they’ll come across a checkpoint, they will be tested, they will be arrested.”

He stressed that the speed limit is not a target to be reached and that weather, tiredness and the conditions of the car and road must all be taken into account.

Speaking on Tipp Today, Superintendent Golden said that the new restrictions and earlier closing time of 8pm will impact on people’s behaviours.

“If we look at now, you know, house parties, people could be drinking at home, moving between houses – all those temptations are there for people to be actually tempted to drink and drive or take drugs and drive, and we just have to say that it’s one of the main areas that’s causing an impairment.”