Tipperary domestic violence service welcomes Boots Ireland new ‘Safe Space’ initiative

A Clonmel-based domestic violence service say they’ve seen a 60% increase in calls to their service in the last month, compared to the month before.

Cuan Saor had expressed concern at the stark drop in calls when the lockdown began as more people were trapped at home with their abusers.

However, they say they’re now beginning to return to normal levels.

They’re also welcoming a move by Boots Ireland to create ‘Safe Spaces’ for domestic violence victims in their stores.

Geraldine Mullane from Cuan Saor says it’s a good initiative:

“You have a limited amount of people being able to go into the chemist or any service at the moment. But once they’re inside, really they’re just going to talk to whomever is serving them.

“All of the staff are going to be very well aware and fully briefed on this. And really they’re just asking to be able to use their ‘Safe Space’.”

Geraldine and her colleagues went to see the consultation room in a local Boots yesterday herself and she says they have all the information displayed.

“Boots have been supplied with all of the information about the 38 domestic violence services right around the country,” she says, “including our own here. And now they have our information which they’ll be able to give out – our little cards and our leaflets.”

The 24-hour domestic violence helpline number is 1800 576 757.