Tipperary doctor calls for public to stay the course with Level 5 restrictions

Photo: Pete Linforth, Pixabay.

It’s time for us all to “reboot” and focus on quashing this virus.

That’s the advice from Nenagh endocrinologist, Dr Mary Ryan.

She says more of an effort needs to be put in by employers, where possible, to get people working from home again.

Speaking on Tipp Today, Dr Ryan said we need to have the same focus that we did in March and April:

“We’ve seen the numbers in the last 3 weeks go from 1,000 a day down to 400. So definitely they’re moving in the right direction.

“[The Chief Medical Officer] is worried about the 14-day average, and obviously we all want to have a lovely Christmas, we do want to get back to Level 3 if possible and we definitely want retail to be open.

“So it’s time for us all to knuckle-down and to really just go back to basics and keep our social contacts down and do what is being advised.”

On the subject of Christmas, Dr Ryan says she doesn’t think all those who might want to come home from abroad will be able to do so:

“We will definitely have a good Christmas. I feel sorry for the people abroad though. It doesn’t look like they’re going to be able to come home unless they pay out for this PCR test, which is a very expensive test.

“It’s the one that will tell you more or less 99% for sure if you have or haven’t got it.

“It doesn’t look good now unless we get the numbers right down and then maybe we can relook at it. But otherwise, look it, Christmas is all about family.

“I think the one thing Covid did was it stripped back all the nonsense.”