Tipp Town blackspots dragging it down in litter league

Photo © Tipp FM

Irish Business Against Litter is critical of authorities for failing to deal with two litter blackspots in Tipperary Town.

The IBAL report places the town in 36th place out of 40 areas surveyed across the country, deeming the town to be littered compared to European norms.

It’s the only Tipperary town featured in the list, which found Kilkenny was the cleanest town in Ireland.

IBAL spokesperson Conor Horgan says they decided to maintain their focus on Tipp Town this year, but he says little has changed from previous surveys.

“Unfortunately it has gone down further this year from ‘moderately littered’ to ‘littered’ and an important point I would make about Tipperary is that there were two sites which were heavily littered last time round and are still heavily littered – the Tesco bring centre and the building at Bank Place.”

“We’ve said for years to any local authority when they’re asking how do we improve in the league – well sort out the heavily littered sites first.”