Three badly littered sites lead to Tipp’s downfall in IBAL standings

Photo © Tipp FM

A failure to tackle three litter blackspots in Tipp Town has left it languishing towards the bottom of the IBAL Litter League once again.

While the survey has upgraded Tipp Town from “littered” to “moderately littered”, those behind the final survey of 2020 says progress remains slow on larger problems in the town.

The IBAL report has found that many towns deemed “clean” in recent years are starting to slip, and notes a particular problem with coffee cups and PPE litter.

Conor Horgan from Irish Business Against Litter analysed its findings on Tipp Town, on Tipp Today earlier.

“Half of the sites surveyed were dirty and among those there was a litter blackspot in the recycle facility at Tesco on the Limerick Road.”

“There was a heavily littered site on O’Brien Street, Bank Place car park was heavily littered.”

“There’ll be different reasons why this is the case but there’s three bad sites that the council needs to home in on. If they were to do that Tipperary would shoot up that league.”