Smith: Works badly needed on Roscrea’s Main Street

Councillor Michael Smith, photo from

Roscrea is being left behind for funding and redevelopment in comparison to other towns in the district.

That’s according to Fianna Fail Cllr Michael Smith, who says there has been zero movement on infrastructure in the area for years.

He says the resurfacing of the Main Street in the town has been constantly put off and enough is enough.

In response, the Executive said that it was up to the people of Roscrea whether they just wanted the street resurfaced or wanted to for it to be enhanced and brought up to the level of other nearby towns.

Cllr Smith says that these works should be provided for in the council’s budget for next year.

“Two years ago we completed the works on the Market Square Development and I think within the town it has been generally accepted that this has improved the town, it’s a new civic space and it has enhanced our town.

“But to move onto the next stage is taking far too long in my opinion to deliver improvements to the Main Street and what we’re looking for is that we need resurfacing, we need new herringbone parking, footpaths, kerbing, all of these things need to be provided within our upcoming budget.”

Putting off works on the Main Street would give off a bad impression according to Councillor Smith.

“It’s not fair to the people who are coming into the town and remember, when you travel your main streets in any of our towns, it’s your first impression of your town, and when you see the road in a very bad state of repair you kinda say to yourself “is this town being neglected?” and I don’t want that to be said about Roscrea or I don’t want it said about any of our towns but I’d just like the officials to move that bit faster in relation to the provision of funding which is urgently needed.”