Significant increase in local authority rent income

Stock photo (c) Pixabay

6,107 tenants were part of the local authority rental housing program and long-term leasing scheme in Tipp last year.

During a presentation on housing at this month’s meeting of Thurles Municipal District, it was revealed that rent accrual had increased from €17.2 million in 2021 to €20.2 million in 2022, with €16.8 million of that figure in local authority rents.

Rent arrears for Tipp 2022 were broken down to €2.7 million in debit, €632,000 in credit, and €1.08m in net arrears.

The reason given for the increase in arrears was put down to rent reviews; there were backdates in certain accounts, which the housing team stated would be balanced out over the years.

The message of early engagement for tenants in arrears was also heavily pushed, as 48 tenancy warnings were issued last year, with two progressing to the day of court but adjourning before taking legal actions.