A number of council projects nearing completion in Nenagh area

Construction progress at Newport Town Park.

At this month’s meeting of the Nenagh Municipal District, an update was given on projects, initiatives, and schemes happening in the area.

A number of enhancements have already taken place or are due to be completed this month.

Newport Town Park saw the opening of the children’s playground in August, with work due to be completed on it this month.

This includes the completion of the pump track and the installation of a band track, benches, and bins.

Kenyon Street in Nenagh underwent some outdoor enhancements in the form of edge planters and glass panels, with the installation of remaining works, such as street furniture, planters, and the associated planting, to be completed by the end of the month.

A resin bond surface was laid at Ball Alley Lane, as well as ground lights.

Silver Street had bollards put in place, and lighting will be next to be installed on the archway, with a contractor planned to undertake this work in the near future.