Efforts being made to resolve Coalbrook water issues

Irish Water is working to safeguard supply to the Coalbrook Public Water Supply.

It serves around 1,200 customers in Coalbrook, Ballinastick, Earlshill, Ballincurry, Glengall, Ballingarry and surrounding areas.

There have been a number of disruptions to the supply in recent weeks due to a drop in water levels at the underground source which supplies the area.

Works are being carried out in conjunction with Tipperary County Council to address the problem.

Duane O’Brien – Irish Water’s Operations Lead for Tipperary – says efforts are being made to resolve the issue.

“We’ve had a number of disruptions in recent weeks due to a sudden drop in the borehole levels available in the area so we appreciate the inconvenience caused to customers and just to assure them we’re working on it.”

“We have a couple of measures underway – we’re currently tinkering in water to keep the reservoir full at the moment and we’re also starting with a new borehole to try and supplement the supply there.”

“Now with a new borehole there’s no guarantee of striking water and also there’ll be water testing required afterwards but we’d hope to have some progress in the next couple of weeks.”

In addition, water tanks have been provided at Earlshill and Kilbraugh for public use.