Councillors support Cashel Public Realm plans

Photo © Tipp FM

Tipperary County Council’s plans for Cashel are seen as a very positive move for the historic town.

Members of the Municipal District approved the Chief Executive’s Report for the Cashel Public Realm Part 8 Plans at this month’s meeting.

Local Councillor Declan Burgess says a huge amount of work has already gone into the project with major consultation with the public and businesses in the town.

He says the proposals will add to the area.

“I really think it complements the heritage and beauty of Cashel really well. It provides a real strong and vibrant town centre.

“We’re very proud of how business and tourism orientated we are and its something we want to expand on and develop going forward and I think this plan does that. I think it reimagines a lot of our public space.”

Funding will now be sought from the government to progress this and a number of other ambitious plans for Cashel.

“Now that this Part 8 planning permission is approved – along with our previously approved planning permission of the Cashel Town Park development – we intend to apply for national funding as a whole big ‘Cashel plan’ and ‘Cashel development.’

“And hopefully we can find a suitable scheme. I know I’m talking to the Council team here about maybe Rural Regeneration Development Funding again to see if we can be successful to deliver this project.”