Clean Coasts Campaign reminding us to look after our FOGs!

Photo © Pixabay

Households in Tipp could experience blocked sinks or toilets if they don’t dispose of fats, oils, and greases properly this week.

Around 3 out of 10 people are still pouring FOGs down the kitchen sink with 41% of people in the region covering Tipperary uncertain as to how they should get rid of them properly.

Each of the Bring Centres in Tipperary accepts cooking oils for a small fee, which is one of the ways Clean Coasts Campaign Manager in the South Elaine Doyle suggests people can avoid impacting their sewage system and water quality.

Elaine told Tipp FM that people should think before pouring because when the liquid cools in pipes it creates fatbergs which can have a detrimental impact on your homes pipes.

“It’s just its unnecessary… so it does effect, customers along the way, it can happen that your sink can get backed up at source, so it might congeal down in your own U-bend and then suddenly you have a clogged sink and that is not exactly what you want over Christmas. ”

She is advising people to wait until the FOGs have cooled, put them in a container, and dispose of them in the correct bin.

“If you have a brown bin curb side collection you can put FOGs in that collection otherwise you put them in the bin, you can’t put them in your regular compost bin so of you don’t have a brown bin you put it in your regular bin. Some Bring centres in different areas will actually take used oils from you for a small fee, so that is another option.”

All five of the Civic Amenity Centres in Tipp accept cooking oils for a small fee.