Council cracking down on waste disposal

Photo © Tipp FM

A number of cases are going through the courts following waste disposal checks in Tipp.

Tipperary County Council restarted their house-to-house calls after Covid earlier this year and visits are being made to people’s homes to check on their waste disposal methods, especially in areas where complaints are received.

Marion O’Neill – Senior Executive Officer with the Environment Section – says their checks have been successful with a number of cases through the books right now and court will follow for some in the county.

She says that they give people ample time to get their permits in order before further action is taken.

“We give households, individuals and companies every opportunity to get their licences for waste facility permits in order. We do household survey inspections because in fairness the majority of our population have a household bin service or they come to our Civic Amenity sites which offer excellent facilities. A lot of the material can be disposed of free of charge and there is no excuse.”