Council has ambitious plans to upgrade Nenagh recycling centre

Drawings of the proposed new civic amenity centre and machinery yard in Nenagh.

A €4.4 million upgrade of the County Council’s civic amenity site and machinery yard in Nenagh could be underway by the end of this year.

Management at Nenagh Municipal District have unveiled plans for a revamp of the Stereame facility to make it more efficient for Council workers and the public.

Director of the Municipal District Marcus O’Connor says it may require the temporary relocation of recycling facilities elsewhere in the town while construction is ongoing.

He says that the planning phase will get underway in the coming weeks, with the hope that work could start by the end of the year.

“The recycling centre which has been operating there for the last 20 years started off very much on a shoestring but it has gradually become extremely busy and is now probably one of the busiest recycling centres in the county.”

“But again it was never properly designed and laid out and constructed as modern civic amenity site and that’s what we’re taking the opportunity to do now.”