Council allocated funding for LIS works

Photo courtesy of Fine Gael

Tipperary has fared well in the latest allocation of Local Improvement Scheme funding.

Of the €11 million national funding the Premier County is to get over €644,000.

The money goes towards improving access to homes, farms and outdoor amenities which are not covered by the local council.

Cappawhite based Councillor Mary Hanna Hourigan says the money will be put to good use in rural parts of the county.

Residents or farmers on the roads in question will have to make a contribution towards the works but there is a limit to how much they will have to come up with.

“People do feel estranged if they’re living on a road where the Council is not maintaining it and they’re paying their road tax and they’re paying their property tax and they’re paying their tax at work.

(The contribution) is capped at €1,200. And it’s not just for homes or people living there – it’s also for farmland. Where farmers have to access roads that might be in very poor condition but they have to get in there because they have cattle or they’re farming there.”