Clonmel misses out on key government funding

The Mayor of Clonmel Borough District says she is shocked and disappointed that the town received no funding from the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund.

Tipperary County Council’s funding proposal called ‘Clonmel 2030 – Transformational Regeneration’, aims to improve the quality of life in the town.

A redevelopment of Kickham Barracks, a transformation of the streets and a ‘Clonmel Flights of Discovery’ tourism proposition are all a part of the plans.

After receiving funding for phase one, Mayor Siobhan Ambrose is unsure as to why funding was not received for phase two.

“Unfortunately we just didn’t get it. We were all quite shocked when we heard that having been successful in the first round that we weren’t successful in the second round.”

“So were are very disappointed and most anxious now to meet with the Ministers office as soon as possible to see why we weren’t successful in that particular funding.”