Clonmel Councillor says town is still losing out under Council merger

Photo from Google Maps

A local councillor says it’s an ‘utter disgrace’ that money transferred from Clonmel to Nenagh isn’t available to the town.

Independent representative Niall Dennehy once again criticised what he calls the ‘illegal hostile takeover’ of Clonmel through the merging of the councils at this month’s meeting of the MD.

He went on to request that the capital assets to the value of around €140 million be made available as collateral to tackle dereliction and vacancy issues in the area.

This figure was contested by manger Sinead Carr who said it was ‘nowhere near’ the amount transferred, and stated that the council are very involved with partnerships to address the issues raised.

Cllr. Dennehy explained to Tipp FM that all of the powers are in Nenagh at the moment and he wanted to see the money utilised for the Clonmel community.

“The money should be made available… for us to engage in public and private partnerships to do something about the dereliction that is prevalent across the town, the Clonmel Arms being one of them there are other sites at the top of Gladstone Street as well… It’s logic to me.”

He also feels that the Local Area Plan for the whole county is diminishing the power people in Clonmel have over their area.

Cllr. Dennehy has reiterated his opposition to the merging of the two councils in the county describing the abolition of the Clonmel Town Council as ‘sad and unhelpful’.

He told Tipp FM that the introduction of the LAP in the near future will succeed the Clonmel Development Plan and see decisions made for the area influenced by members in North Tipp.

While he acknowledges that he expects they will largely be supportive of plans for the Town he sees it as a further degradation of power for his area.

“You’ll have councillors above in Portroe making decisions for people in Clonmel, which was never the case before.”