Cahill says strong economy is reflected in local election results

Photo © Tipp FM

Fianna Fáil’s performance in the recent local elections which saw them gain a seat in Tipperary was a very positive result according to local TD Jackie Cahill.

Many pundits had predicted that the Government parties would suffer nationally – however Fianna Fáil emerged with 248 councillors followed by Fine Gael with 245.

On Tipp Today earlier Deputy Cahill said the reception out canvassing was telling a very different story to the opinion polls.

“We spent a lot of time going around knocking on doors and we’d meet in the evening and be chatting and say yeah the response was good. Then we’d see a poll the following days which would show us really lagging in the polls. We’d just wonder are people just being nice to use at the doors or are we perceiving reality correctly that people are genuinely – everything isn’t right and there’s no point in saying (that). There’s issues there – there always will be issues but the country is going relatively well and the economy is in a good place.”