15.5% of Tipp rates derived from wind farm developments

Wind farm | Photo © Pixabay

Tipperary is one of four local authorities who depend on wind farms for over 10 percent of their rates income.

A study by KPMG for Wind Energy Ireland reveals they contribute 22 percent of rates in Leitrim, 15.5 percent in Co Tipperary, 14 percent in Roscommon 13.6 percent in Cavan.

It says close to two thousand more jobs will be added in the sector in the next decade – around a third of them operational jobs.

Russell Smyth, who’s a partner at KPMG, says the amount of tax paid is set to more than double over the coming decade.

“Wind farms contributed circa €45 million so this is a very important source of revenue.”

“That is going to grow to over €100 million a year contribution to local authority rates and these are then providing the funding for all the services that the local authorities provide.”

“This is another demonstration of how the sector has grown to provide contribution to both communities and to services.”