Tipperary Councillor says targeted gambling ads are a big concern for local parents

Easy access to online gambling is a cause of concern for a number of Tipperary parents.

A number of them have highlighted the problem saying it has become a big issue during the Covid-19 lockdown as children are at home with more access than usual to smart phones, I-pads and the like.

Councillor Richie Molloy says the so called “free promotions” are a cause for concern:

“They continuously pop up on Facebook and across social media, offering maybe €100 free bets or €40 free bets. So it kind of lures people on the idea that maybe you’re getting a free bet and then before you know it, you open an account and you’re in debt – spending money that you don’t have.

“During this particular period – the lockdown – it’s becoming a big, big issue. I intend to raise it with our five TDs.”