Tipperary councillor hits out at student accommodation providers for not giving parents refunds

Photo © Pixabay

A local councillor is hitting out at student accommodation providers who are not offering refunds.

Colleges have been closed since March and a lot of uncertainty still surrounds the next academic year and what it will look like.

Councillor Jim Ryan says he’s been contacted by a large number of parents who say they have been unable to get any money back for the time their sons or daugthers were not able to use the accommodation.

He says it’s very unfair:

“It’s very stressful for parents. We’re talking huge money here. The highest I’ve come across – a parent contacted me saying they’re going to be down nearly €2,500 and other parents have told me they’re going to be down €1,800.

“This is huge money for them. A lot of them have lost their jobs or are not working because of the COVID and this money is vital and is required by them. I would call on these accommodation providers to do the right thing and pay the money back.”

He also says that “to add salt to the wounds”, the same accommodation providers are now looking for deposits for next year’s term.

Councillor Ryan says, “An email that I saw from one accommodation provider there in Limerick, the City Campus, the €300 deposit that was paid for last year’s college year, they’re going to use that automatically as a deposit against next year’s term.

“They’re not even going to offer that as a refund back to the parents. That’s scandalous as far as I’m concerned.”

Tipp FM has contacted City Campus for a response.