Tipperary Councillor calls for abolition of hedge cutting closed period

Hedge cutting in progress. Photo © Getty Images Signature/canva.com

A Tipperary councillor has called for an end to the closed period for hedge cutting.

Under the Wildlife Act, hedge cutting is not allowed between March 1st and August 31st.

Fianna Fáil Councillor Micheál Anglim said that the ban on cutting should be abolished, as the growth is highest during that period.

He told Tipp FM that this is a huge issue for both land owners and road users.

“It’s there for the birds and the bees and all that and that’s important.

“There’s 10 million metres of hedgerows on the sides of roads in the county – that’s a lot, but you can multiply that when you get inland.

“I know it’s not the council’s fault, it’s the Department of Agriculture putting down the rules that there’s a closed period.

“There should be no closed period for cutting road ditches, if the land owner sees fit to cut his road ditch three times in the year, he should be allowed do that.”

Councillor Anglim added that being allowed to cut back hedges throughout the year would make the roads safer for users and improve visibility.