Tipperary carers say support group for young carers would be a big help

A support group for young carers in Tipperary might help to reduce depression.

Richie Molloy of Family Carers Ireland told Tipp FM that a dedicated group for social activities and support would be a great resource.

New research from the University of Limerick in association with Family Carers Ireland revealed that young carers had higher levels of depressive symptoms, compared to their peers.

Richie told Tipp FM that a club like this could make a big difference.

“Something that I would love to start, say in Tipperary, is a young carer’s support group and by the nature of caring, if you don’t look after your mental health and it was never more prevalent, especially now in Covid times.

“It’s so important for young people to engage in activities, you know like rowing clubs, tennis clubs, whatever, but I would be very interested in starting a support group in Tipperary that would be geared towards the under 18’s.”

He added that young carers can be particularly difficult to identify and they’re not getting help from any particular group.

Anyone who is interested in a Tipperary support group for young carers being set up can contact the Family Carers Ireland office in Clonmel on 25 Gladstone Street or call 052 7447102

To read the full research paper, click here https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/02673843.2021.2025115