Tipp worker settles action with ESB over life-changing stag attack

The Four Courts in Dublin. Photo: Wikimedia Commons / diego_cue.

An ESB worker who suffered life changing injuries on a Tipperary mountain has settled his action against the company.

63-year-old John Corcoran from Fawnlough, Nenagh had brought legal action against the ESB over the incident in September 2016.

John Corcoran has worked at the ESB for 40 years, but suffered life changing injuries on Kilduff Mountain near Templemore while carrying out works at an ESB mast.

It was there on September 12th, 2016, that John, working as an engineering officer, was attacked by a large stag leaving him unconscious and buried in a bush for over 90 minutes.

Mr Corcoran suffered a brain injury resulting in major cognitive difficulties, memory and hearing loss, among other issues.

He has a full time carer as a result.

Supported by his legal team at HOMS Assist, Mr Corcoran brought a High Court action against the ESB due to what they termed the “negligent working conditions” he endured in the incident.

The attack happened at a time of year which would be termed rutting season.

The case was brought before the High Court but his legal team says that a confidential settlement has been agreed with the ESB today.

John Corcoran stated following the settlement:

“It is deeply regrettable that this case and this accident occurred when it could so easily have been prevented with better support and working conditions from the ESB. While I am so grateful to be alive and be here today, the attack I endured that day over five years ago will forever haunt me. No employee, particularly in the already dangerous line of work of the ESB, should ever be left alone especially when working so remotely. Being left for dead in a bush for over an hour and a half having narrowly escaped death is not a risk in the workplace that should ever be allowed to happen. I truly hope lessons have been learned.”

Sean Fitzgerald, Partner from HOMS Assist commented on the ruling:

“We at HOMS Assist are proud to have represented Mr Corcoran in this case regarding this shocking workplace accident. It is miraculous that Mr Corcoran survived and we’re only grateful that his case is one that highlights the role of care and responsibility that employers have for their employees. We are pleased that Mr Corcoran now has some closure and that he and his family have the financial support for the care he requires for his life-changing injuries.”