Tipp town now deemed ‘Clean’ by the latest IBAL survey

Recycling image by Katarzyna Bialasiewicz via canva.com


Tipperary Town has placed 20th position among 40 towns and cities.

The results from the IBAL survey released today show levels decreased last year in most areas, leaving fewer blackspots across the country.

Two-thirds of the 40 towns and cities surveyed were found to be clean, with Naas again at the top of the list.

Tipperary town is one area that has seen progress and is now considered clean by European standards.

The report said that there was a very strong performance by Tipperary Town, with seven out of the ten sites surveyed getting the top litter grade.

An Taisce said clearly a careful eye is kept on the various vacant and run down properties along the Main Street as there was no litter directly associated with them.

Other top ranked sites included the three approach roads, Pearse Park, and the car park at Market Square.

There was a slight improvement at the vacant site at Bank Place, but not enough to shift it from its seriously littered status.

Overall litter levels showed a decrease on last year, with a dramatic fall of 50% in the number of sites within towns deemed to be ‘litter blackspots’ status.

Nationally, Drogheda in Louth and Ballybane in Galway are two of the most littered towns in the country.