Tipp town deemed as littered according to latest IBAL survey

Photo courtesy of IBAL

Tipperary Town is lagging behind most other towns when it comes to cleanliness.

The Premier County’s only representative in the Irish Business Against Litter survey is ranked 36th of the 40 areas taking part.

It’s deemed as littered compared to European norms

City centre areas in Limerick, Galway and Dublin have all lost their “clean” rating.

IBAL says its inspectors have noticed more litter from outdoor drinking and people dropping disposable masks and gloves.

Spokesperson Conor Horgan says the impact of the pandemic can be seen on the street.

“The cleaning schedule being curtailed by the local authority, fewer volunteers like tidy towns groups out picking up litter – yet we have more outdoor socialising, more drink related litter like bottles and cans in public areas.”

“Households are generating more waste and that’s leading to more dumping.”

“We’re seeing a new form of litter – PPE waste – and naturally enough people are reluctant to pick up that litter.”