Tipp man in the UK says petrol stations will need to re-open soon

Stock photo © Naypong/canva.com

A Tipperary man living in the UK says next week will reveal how serious the petrol crisis in the UK is.

Austin Kearney is originally from Borrisoleigh and lives in Surrey.

He has been seeing petrol stations near him run out of fuel and closing.

Speaking on Tipp Today, he said the lack of HGV drivers is a major factor, as well as Brexit, while the situation is set to worsen.

“At the moment, I think most of the petrol stations are out of petrol, they say they will replenish them in the coming days.

“There’s no massive impact just yet, because it takes a while you know for people’s tanks to run down.

“I’m seeing in the paper now that school buses haven’t turned up, taxi drivers haven’t been able to fill up and whatnot.

“Like next week will be a big week, because if they don’t re-open some of these petrol stations, then there’ll be a big knock-on to society in general.”