Tipp man speaks of finding his mothers grave after more than four decades

A local mother and baby home survivor has found his mother’s final resting place in a Cashel cemetery, 42 years after her death.

Pat Williams, from Clonmel, was separated from his mother Rosemary Whitely at birth, and she died by suicide one year later in Mullingar.

Pat knew that his mother was buried at an unmarked grave at Cormac’s Cemetery in Cashel, but has only learned her exact resting place in recent weeks with thanks to Sinn Féin TD Martin Browne.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier, Pat explained what it was like to finally visit his mother at her grave.

“I just went up to the grave and said ‘Mam, I found you. I now know exactly where you are.’ I felt happy that I knew where she was but I also felt very angry that they’d actually robbed me from her and that she paid the ultimate price.”