Tipp man reflects on miraculous recovery during World Cancer Day

Liam Ryan. Photo: The Liam Ryan Cancer Appeal / Facebook.

A Tipperary man says his dramatic cancer recovery is proof that there’s always hope for those going through a similar journey.

Liam Ryan, who was diagnosed with a severe case of head of neck cancer in 2002, is sharing his story again today on World Cancer Day.

The international day aims to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier, Liam said he treasures every day of his life after his cancer battle:

“I should have died in 2002, so literally if I lived for another year it would have been a huge bonus. And that has turned into 19 years.

“I’m going to say this on air, and it freaks people out when I do it. My funeral can only be a day of celebration, because it’ll be happening 19 plus years after the day it should have happened. I say that to give you an idea of the mindset and the mentality that I now have.”