Tipp Legal Firm Receives 4th Highest Payout for Med Neg cases

The Tipperary legal firm representing many of the women affected by the Cervical Check scandal received the fourth highest pay out for medical negligence cases in 2019.

The Irish Independent reports that Cashel based Cian O’Carroll Solicitors last year received a total of 3.16 million euro in legal costs from the State Claims Agency.

The Cashel solicitors firm is at the forefront of representing women and their families affected by the cervical check scandal.
The 3.16 million euro in costs paid out to the firm, arises from 20 separate live medical negligence claims taken by the firm against the State on behalf of its clients in 2019.

The pay out is the fourth highest made to legal firms in Ireland from medical negligence cases last year.

Reacting to the news, Cian O’Carroll said the figure represents legal costs and not legal fees. He stated the figure is what plaintiffs have been paid to cover the costs of medical experts and other fees relating to taking a case.

He also said that his firm represented all or almost all of the women or families whose cases have come before the courts since April 2018. He also confirmed that sadly, 17 of his clients have died as a result of failings of Cervical check.
He also predicted that the real number of women affected is higher than the publicised 221.