Tipp Leaving Cert student urges “childish” and “ignorant” ASTI to listen to teachers

Photo © Pixabay

A Tipperary Leaving Cert student has hit out at the ASTI for their exit from talks, calling their actions “childish” and “ignorant”.

The ASTI says it’s going to meet with the Education Minister today to discuss issues with the Leaving Cert, but they’re not back in talks.

The teachers union withdrew from discussion about the exams last evening over the calculated grades part of the twin process.

Nenagh CBS student Jason Quigley is calling on the union to survey their members to assess their thoughts on how the Leaving Cert can proceed in the coming months:

“It’s difficult news for us sixth years to take in. It’s a massive blow and the actions of the ASTI last night are nothing short of ignorant and it’s completely unprofessional.

“We’re here talking about adults in charge, and this union is acting so childish. I’m happy of course that they’re returning for further talks today but they’re making decisions on behalf of teachers without consulting them.

“Their excuse is that they don’t have enough material to grade us if we go to predicted grading. Many of my teachers have said that’s pure baloney. They know students. We were in school from September to December doing tests every week. We did our Christmas exams. We worked very hard during the fifth year lockdown, so I do think there’s enough data or material to mark us on.”