Tipp employer critical of demands for cash in hand payment from prospective employee

Challenges with the current recruitment scene have been highlighted by a Tipperary coffee business.

Manager of the Old Barracks Roastery in Birdhill, Alan Andrews, took to Twitter yesterday to highlight his frustration with one applicant who sought to be paid in cash so as to hold on to their Pandemic Unemployment Payment.

The rate has returned to the top rate of 350 euro per week during Level 5 restrictions, with many non-essential retailers forced to close temporarily.

Alan says it’s been a challenging year for recruitment.

“Nobody pays cash – it’s not a thing that’s done anymore.”

“People have to clock-in, clock-out and their breaks have to be recorded. We pay everybody in the same way.”

“It’s just this kind of expectation that we would help them out by giving them cash on top of getting their PUP and that’s just not fair to anybody.”