Tipp company carries out survey on whether or not Irish people will be coming home this Christmas

Photo from Pixabay

As many as 3 out of 10 Irish people living abroad plan to return to Ireland for Christmas this year, according to a new survey conducted by a Tipperary Recruitment Company.

Irish people based in the UK are the most likely to return for Christmas, with 41% indicating they plan to come home.

This was followed by Irish living in other parts of Europe at 38% and those based in the Middle East at 36%

Those living further afield are less likely to take the trip home for Christmas with 14% in the US or Canada planning trips to Ireland for Christmas, followed by those who have moved to Australia and New Zealand at 7% or other parts of Asia at 5%.

The study was conducted by Tipperary Company FRS Recruitment and also found that 84% had planned on returning to Ireland for Christmas had not been for the pandemic.

Nine out of every 10 Irish people who participated in the survey had travelled from abroad back to Ireland for Christmas in the past.