Tipp childcare providers taking caution approach to reopening

Photo © Pixabay

The owner of a Tipperary childcare service says that many parents remain nervous about their children returning next Monday.

Stephanie Kennedy of Ladybird’s Pre-school and Childcare in Nenagh expects to take in about 40 to 45 children when it reopens next Monday, under strict public health guidelines.

Parents will be asked to leave their children at the gate, and their temperatures will be taken multiple times per day.

Stephanie says they’ll be working at about half their capacity to begin with.

“We’re taking back maybe 40 to 45 children on Monday – our capacity is 80.”

“A lot of parents are still quite nervous to send back their children and lots of parents haven’t gone back to work.”

“We have to start somewhere so we’re going to take back small numbers to start with.”