Tipp Childcare Professional Warns Thousands Are Leaving the Sector


A Tipperary childcare professional is warning that there will be a flood of trained workers leaving the sector if pay concerns are not addressed.

A recent survey conducted by SIPTU, revealed that 43 percent of child care workers are actively seeking another job because of low levels of pay in the sector.

Speaking on Tipp Today, Laura worked as a creche manager for 13 years but recently left the childcare sector because of low pay.

She says she dedicated over ten thousand hours of work in earning a masters degree in the field but was left with no option but to leave:

Sick pay is also a big issue for childcare workers with 77 percent saying they have no sick pay scheme at all and just 10 percentage paid maternity leave.

Speaking on Tipp Today this morning, SIPTU Sector Organiser for Tipperary Pat McCabe said that things have to change or more qualified professionals will leave the sector.

He says the fact that the majority of childcare workers don’t get maternity pay, is a sad indictment of the Government’s treatment of childcare workers.