Thurles Walls project brings life to the town with bespoke street art

Thurles Street Art project - from Street Art Ink - Facebook

The Thurles Walls project is aiming to bring the town to life through bespoke artwork.

This initiative began in July and will see a series of 5 artworks on local buildings over the coming weeks.

Tipperary County Council commissioned Street Ark Ink to carry out the scheme and they assigned artists James Kirwan, Danleo, Art Wart, and Juliette Viode to the project.

So far, work has taken place on Baker Street, and on Monday Danleo arrived to paint the 3 storey Gable Wall on Liberty Square.

Edel Tobin the founder of the company says they have had a very warm welcome in Thurles:

” Just the feedback from the community has been so increibly positive. It’s a bit of a no brainer in terms of it’s just very enaganing people are s happy with it… it’s part of a whole regenerative project that is going on in the town.”

“The locals in Thurles have just been so welcoming it’s lovely.”

She says that this type of art is done with spray paint that can last against the elements so will be available to the community as long as the wall owners wants them there.

Edel says that in the last few years the popularity of street art has grown and she would love to see more local towns come on board:
” It was fighting aginst the tide, but now people have become more used to it… it’s so publicly acceptable… it’s definetly come a long way in the 8 years since I started.”