Thurles Councillor confident that plans for Bowes Corner will work

Photo from Google Maps

A Thurles Councillor is confident that the plans for Bowes Corner will work.

Fianna Fail’s Seamus Hanafin was reacting to the recent controversy around the road works which among other issues have seen paths widened forcing trucks onto the walkway due to a lack of space.

He says that the plans were independently reviewed and are meant to slow traffic and increase pedestrian safety, which he feels they will.

Speaking to Tipp Today Cllr.Hanafin said that when the junction is finished there shouldn’t be lorries mounting the pavement:

“This has been through the auto track simulations, they’ve been through the independent reviews, they’re assured that this is going to work, I think we’re going to have to wait and see.”

Meanwhile he says a second river crossing for Thurles is still a number of years down the line.

Fianna Fail’s Seamus Hanafin says that they still have to get one piece of land in place before funding can be applied for, however, once that’s done he is hopeful that designs will progress.

He said there have been visits by Department officials and there is an interest in the project :

“They are showing an interest in it I think its something that once we get the land in place and we get the full design I think it is something we could see progress, I mean how quickly is quickly, we wont be driving on it next year but in a couple of years we could be driving on it.”