Thurles activist says drugs likely behind spate of crimes in the community

Photo © Tipp FM

Cars being interfered with and gates being mysteriously opened are among the things being reported by residents in one area of Thurles.

Community activist, Ciara McCormack says she’s been contacted by a number of people in the Moyne Road area in the last few days who say there’s been an increase in criminal activity recently.

She says the Gardaí have been in formed.

Speaking on Tipp Today, Ciara said it’s just not acceptable:

“There’s been a spate of people going into people’s cars and other opportunistic crimes.

“One of the calls I got yesterday was from the grandson of an elderly lady up there who’s living alone and she noticed her gate was opened.

“Normally I wouldn’t comment on things like that but it riled me because with everything that’s going on with the pandemic and people cocooning and feeling isolated, to be kind of feeling insecure in your own home is not acceptable.”

Ciara says there are some security cameras in the area:

“I’m being told that there’s CCTV footage going up on social media of these people and I would ask the people who are putting up these posts, rather than putting it on social media, to share it with Gardaí, if they haven’t done so already.

“It would help identify these people.

“… There is a general concensus that people know who’s doing it. I’d imagine that these are drug-related crimes.

“Street tablets are a huge problem in our community.”